Open Heart Space offers Tarot Readings:



These sessions assist you to gain insight, shed light, and answer questions regarding your current circumstances.

During an Open Heart Space divination reading I will call upon my spirit guides and utilize a spread based on your questions and intentions.  Readings can be very powerful by bringing about clarity and focus. The beautiful ornate cards each have a different message and offer wisdom to assist you during your session.


TAROT READINGS (click on session)

Tarot, as well as being a deck of cards, is a complex form of divination. Using 78 cards, as the Tarot reader I will decode the message presented; the future, the past, underlying factors, or life choices. There are many ways to interpret Tarot cards, and many interconnections and related pieces of symbology.  As well as this, there are many spreads (ways to lay the cards), which can deal with all sorts of different situations. Tarot is both an eclectic and deep system of divination. When I consult the Tarot I rely upon my knowledge of the cards, it’s symbols and various aspects  and my intuition to help you better understand your situation or questions you may have. If  challenges or difficult cards arise I  like to suggest remedies and different ways to turn situations to your benefit. It’s my goal for the Tarot cards to guide you and bring about clarity, meaning, freedom and prosperity.


15 minutes — $50

30 minutes — $70

45 minutes — $90

60 minutes — $100


Genevieve’s Tarot Readings are also available for parties. Please inquire for prices.

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