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Open Heart Space offers Reiki Healing combined with Crystals and Essential Oils to help you achieve balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Tarot readings to gain insight and answer questions regarding your current circumstances.


About Genevieve Schorr


Genevieve Schorr’s practice in the healing arts began 22 years ago in a traditional setting. She began her career in Occupational Therapy with a wide range of assisting both children and adults to improve their ability to thrive in their daily lives. Throughout the years she has pursued her own quest for healing based in alternative methods. Her journey has led her to various healers and teachers that have brought her to becoming a Master Level Reiki Healer, Tarot and I Ching reader. She utilizes her knowledge of Crystals, Supplements and Essential Oils throughout her practice. Genevieve draws from her background in Occupational Therapy and infuses it with alternative healing methods to assist clients to make shifts and remove blocks and to gain insight into their current issues. Genevieve’s aim is to bring her clients to wellness by supporting them as they release what is no longer serving them to achieve more freedom and joy.


Disclaimer: Genevieve is not a physician. She does not diagnose or treat disease. Her work is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatments. If you should have a dramatic improvement in any condition after a healing session, do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first consulting your health care professional.


By signing up for a session, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above.


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